For those times when a persons schedule just doesn't have a lot of room in it, Michael has gathered together the online audio files, past articles, older blog items and even e-mail question and answers.

All of these items are free to access, as many times as you like. Articles, blogs and Q&A e-mails are free to reprint. If used for other than personal reading, please quote the source along with it's entire contents.

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As he can, Michael will be posting an update to his audio blog. It's current iteration is The Paradigm Shift, which brings his personal inspirational thoughts and insights directly to your headphones or speakers. His aim? To help people spark their thoughts, bring a fresh insight into current life circumstances, and spread that information to help the audience in their endeavors. 

A unique way of looking at the world through audio. Listen for yourself.
By the way, did we mention it's free?

The Link Between Truth and Value
November 3, 2014

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Episode # 1 - Over the Hill
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
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