Change is going to happen in your life, there is no question about it. The real question about change is: are you going to be in control of it, or is it going to be in control of you?

Years of experience, personal research and a single quote from famed mathematician Albert Einstein transformed my life. After years of applying what I have learned with thousands of people around the world, I've put it into print for the first time.

The Einstein Principle combines insights from more than 20,000 psychic readings, proven methods to change your life and a dose of common sense.

This unique blend offers a refreshingly new roadmap on how to regain control of your life, set your personal goals in place and then take steps forward into true wealth, prosperity and happiness.



   The Einstein Principle offers tools that can help discover what areas of life are currently out of balance. Once addressed, it provides easy, yet effective, ways to restore that much needed balance to our lives.

Among some of the material covered are the types of relationships you have in life, how they all have either positive or negative affects to your goals, dreams and ambitions, and how simple perceptions of them can create new outcomes.

The Einstein Principle is a book that helps you define what you desire, then refine the actions you take to make those desires a part of your every day reality.

The work I have done with people all over the world has given me a very distinct view point. I've spoken with thousands of people around the globe, and the subjects have covered finances, relationships, career aspects, personal and spiritual growth and so much more.

Here is the amazing part:
In working with all those people, I have been able to understand how thousands of them have created success in their lives in all of these area's as well as what so many other people did that created unwanted outcomes and failures.



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As I looked through my files and personal notes, and applied the quote from Albert Einstein, I was able to see an amazing roadmap to success beginning to unfold in front of my eyes.

The Einstein Principle is that roadmap. A distillation of how and what thousands of people did to create success in their personal and professional lives! Added to that tools that are easy to understand and use in life to make better choices and decisions while on the way to creating your own success stories. All of it written in the form of a conversation between you and I.

The Einstein Principle. A book to help those who are looking to make serious changes in life.



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